Karianna’s Story – “Remember, it’s called breastfeeding…not nipple feeding”

Karianna is the mother of two girls – a 10 month old who is currently breastfeeding and a three year old who recently weaned. Karianna blogs about her life, motherhood, breastfeeding, feminism, faith and other passionate topics at Caffeinated Catholic Mama. Continue reading

Erykah’s Story: Breastfeeding saved my son’s life

Erykah nursing her one hour old twins

Erykah is the soon-to-be mother of six children: a now 11 year-old who was breastfed for 16 weeks, a (step)daughter, twins who were breastfed for 19 months, and an 18 month-old son who just weaned due to Erykah’s current pregnancy.

Erykah’s determination to breastfeed her youngest son literally saved his life.

You can read Erykah’s family adventures at her blog, Catastrophe Out On the Lawn.

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