Black Breastfeeders Do Blog

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Catastrophe Out On the Lawn – Family of 7.5 including two geriatric pugs and a cat living life the best we know how, all while living in a glass house.

Caffeinated Catholic Mama

Navelgazing – Musings on new mommy-ness

The Mahogany Way

The Tallahassee Huffs

3 thoughts on “Black Breastfeeders Do Blog

  1. Ty Clark says:

    Thank you for a wonderful site. I am Ty. I am in my last semester of Midwifery school in WI. ( yes I am a guy,lol) and will be a homebirth midwife after boards. i was a doula in the hospitals first, and was a doula for my twin sister, and big sister. I stressed the importance of breastfeeding their peanuts, and after they were born I helped both my sisters with breastfeeding, and answered any questions they had! I am Thrilled to say both of my sisters are STILL breastfeeding, and I am so proud of them for doing that. Comments? Peace and Love, Ty

  2. Erica Duignan Minnihan says:

    Check out one black woman who has started a company to help women brestfeed better, easier and for longer! I hope all women can eventually aim to breastfeed their babies for at least one year without sacrificing career or sanity!

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