ChicMomma’s Breastfeeding Story

Today we welcome ChicMomma who is the mother of a now 2 month old girl.

What motivated you to breastfeed?

Nothing really…I never really made a conscious just seems like what you are supposed to do.

What is the history of breastfeeding like in your family?

My mom didn’t breastfeed although she tried but other older women in my family nursed all of their kids.

What was your attitude toward breastfeeding before having done it yourself?

None really…I never thought too much of it until I got pregnant and then it just seemed like the natural thing to do.

What were the early days of breastfeeding like?

HARD, SCARY and full of doubt. I cried in the hospital twice because my daughter wouldn’t latch on properly and it hurt. I thought she would naturally know what to do and she didn’t.

What has been your biggest breastfeeding-related challenge?

In the beginning my daughter would only nurse from one breast. Also, I was always nervous because she was a quick nurser.

What has been easiest about breastfeeding?

Staring into my daughter’s eyes! I love the way she looks at me when she is nursing. I can feel the connection. I also know that I am the only one in the world that can soothe her by bringing her to my chest and lettling her nurse a little..I think thats pretty damn cool!

How long did/will you breastfeed? How long exclusively?

I plan to EBF [exclusively breastfeed] for six months and then introduce cereal and other baby foods. But I hope to breast feed for at least a year. Overall, I don’t plan to give my daughter any formula.

Who have been your breastfeeding role models?

None really but I knew several women my age that breastfed so that was good. Also, my husband suported my decision and that was great.

How did you learn to breastfeed?

I learned the technicals from books and class. I learned the reality from trial and error and advice from other breastfeeding moms.

What’s the worst breastfeeding advice you’ve ever received?

Not to use any cream on the nipples. I needed that a lot in the beginning…now I rarely use it.

Have you experienced any negative reactions from others regarding breastfeeding?

Only a few fortunately. I have one close female friend that seems grossed out by it which shocked me and the husband of another pregnant friend is anti-breastfeeding so that was shocking too. But for the most part people have been supportive. I do however know that in general there are a LOT of negative attitudes towards breastfeeding which just sucks!

Who has been your biggest supporter about breastfeeding?

My husband and my mom.

What is/was your breastfeeding routine like?

I breastfeed my daughter in the morning, evening, all through the night. I breastfeed her during the weekend too.

How do/did you handle separations from your breastfeeding child?

I pump three times daily at work. On the weekends I always have two bottles ready to go in the refrigerator in case I need to run out for an errand.

Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently?

Not really I think that things shake out the way they do for a reason.

What would you say to a woman who is unsure about whether or not to breastfeed?

I would tell her to ignore the negative stories/feelings associated with breastfeeding as much as she could. I would also tell her that she has to really want to do it herself in order to persevere. I was determined to breastfeed so I was able to push through the struggles/challenges. I am not a fanatic about breastfeeding but I do think that if you are on the fence, know that you are giving your child the BEST start you can in life. Don’t let anyone take away from that…Breast is Best and no amount of debate can change that. People say that breastfeeding alone is not enough to raise a well rounded healthy child. But from my own personal experience 100% of the women that choose to breastfeed are also the type of women that want the best for their child in other aspects. Or more simply I would say YOU CAN DO IT!

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